Monday, April 21, 2008



With 4-port innovative USB 2.0, let the fun begin with this colorful USB on your desk. Having 4-ports, two of them have the capability to rotate over 90 or 180 degress. If you have bulkier USB, you can easily slot it into the other two free from being in the way of other slender USB. With 480 Mbps transfer rate this hub is no doubt 40 times fasterthan the USB 1.1. It is small in size, chic and a plug and play version of USB, getting you connected at anytime anywhere.


1. Innovative rotating USB port design
2-usb ports (red and orange ports) rotate 90 or 180 degrees

2. Over-current detection and protection
Limits amount of current a USB peripheral can draw,Conserves power and helps prevent system crashes

3. Stylish design
Magic cube design becomes a personal desktop accessory,aluminium alloy construction provides durability

4. High speed data transfer,plug and play
Just plug and play, means support for hot-swap function

5. USB interface
USB 2.0 high-speed interface, backwards compatible with USB 1.1

6. Extended ports
Four ports with two of them rotatable

7. USB port
USB 2.0 Mini B Type female connector

8. LED
Blue LED blinks when data is accessed

9. Colors
Magic cube colors including red-orange-yellow-green-blue

10. Transfer rate
Up to 480 Mbps via USB 2.0, up to 12 Mbps via USB 1.0

11. Power source
Bus-powered mode, max 500mA, Self-powered mode

12. Weight

13. Dimensions
(L) 107 x (W) 21.4 x (D) 21.4mm

14. Accessories
USB extension cable (mini-USB to standard USB port),External power adapter(optional),User`s Manual

15. Compatibilty
ACPI,OHCI and EHCI compliant

Saturday, April 19, 2008


infinite usb memory storage

Colourful combination with male USB connector on one end and female on the other,this adds up to a complete concept for USB finger discs.

How this works?

If the MemoryInfinite connects to a computer on the male end,the other end,female is not occupiedwith the other USB port.This is definitely giving you the sweet advantage of USB freedom.

I think the concept of Memory Infinite,USB Storage is that we can connect as many storagesas we like,simply by connecting male port of second storage with female port of first.Then we can add third storage simply by connecting male port of third with female port ofsecond storage and so on.

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