Saturday, April 2, 2016

ES File Explorer (Access phone files without USB connection using WIFI)

Access , Manage  (move, delete, rename, etc.) the files on the phone, download and install apps, make backups and also install non-playstore apps,,,etc

Setup on Cellphone:

1. Launch ES file explorer on phone and go to settings then select window settings
2. Select "set the default windows" then check the "Remote Manager" box, and hit "OK".
3. FTP address is typically something like "".

Setup on the computer:

1. Open Windows Explorer by double clicking Computer.
2. On the left side, there is navigation tab.
3. Right click "Computer" and select "Add a network location".
4. On the Network Location Wizard click "Next".
5. "Choose a custom network location" and click "Next".
6. Type address of phone's FTP server as noted above (i.e, "").
7. Click "Next" to login anonymously.
8. Choose a name for the folder, i.e. "Phone Memory card" or "SD card".
9. Click "Next" and "Finish".

Then FTP shortcut will be created on the left of your folder below the "Computer" icon

To access your phone files from PC
1. On Cell phone: Launch ES File Explorer and go to Remote Manager and click Turn on.
2. On Computer:  Double click the same FTP shortcut folder that is created by you.

Its an alternative solution for people having problem with Samsung Galaxy devices USB connection to PC for data management.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S4 mini, S5 not recognized on PC through USB

- Re-downloaded / installed the USB drivers,
- Downloaded KIES software and did a trouble shoot
- Changed the developer settings on phone, nothing works.

Here are some of the possible solutions:
Go to dial pad & type *#0808#
It displays USB settings
Select MTP+ADB option
Press OK button
Connect to USB cable to PC
It shows Connected as a media device.

 Smart Switch for PC or Mac

Use ES File Explorer to establish a connection using WIFI
(Explained in another post)

Hardware fix(toothpick method)
NOTE: perform it at your own risk.
Hold your phone and look at the micro USB connector on the bottom edge
Therer is a tongue inside USB port
Take something "non metalic" (flat wooden toothpick). Gently, lift up the "tongue"
Don't do it too much or you will break the tongue,,,just a little bit, and thats all.
Connect again and see the results, it worked for me.
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