Tuesday, March 18, 2008

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Monday, March 17, 2008

How broadband works? WIMAX,DSL,CABLE

WiMAX is the latest technology in wireless communication. IEEE (Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers) has standardized WiMAX as 802.16 (d/e). WiMAX platform supports triple play (Broadband Internet & Data, Voice, and Multimedia service). Customers can opt for either one or all services at the same time using a single CPE (Consumer Premises Equipment). Few attributes of WiMAX project are:
The CPE operates on 3.5GHz spectrumThe CPE first communicates with the nearest Access Point, and after communicating authentication codes/keys, it establishes a communication bondThe bond stays live until the CPE is powered offWireless signal can go up to 2.5 miles in a non line of sightSupports triple playIn terms of connectivity with Customer over WIMAX Ethernet interface, Layer 2 (Point to Point, Point to Multipoint) and Layer 3 VPN or a combination of both services are supported.

DSL or xDSL,(Digital Subscriber Line) is a family of technologies that provide digital data transmission over the wires of a local telephone network. The digital transmission is achieved through a customer premises equipment (CPE) usually a DSL modem, and DSLAM (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer) at PSTN office. DSLAM separates the voice frequency signals from high speed data signals, and routes data to ISP.

To activate cable broadband services you require an EMTA – embedded multimedia terminal adapter which
has an Ethernet port and connects you to the providers LAN through your computer. With cable broadband
you can experience true broadband surfing and download your favorite music and browse internet at an
incredibly fast speed.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

How can I create expandable post summaries?

Recently I decided to write about the things which are difficult to find. I have been searching for expandable post summaries in blogger help since more than 2 weeks, atlast i found it and decided to share this help topic on my blog for other bloggers who are new to blogging and still can`t find that tip because its difficult to find in blogger help. So here it is


Before using these HTML codes in your layout or template, you should remove spaces between the tags, as i was unable to publish them without spaces. i.e,

<> please remove space between "<" , "span" and ">".u have to do this in all the coding where there is a space otherwise the code will not work.so good luck.

-Add tags to your posts to mark which parts you want hidden in the summary version.
-Add CSS declarations to your template to hide those sections on the index and archive pages, but not on post pages.

With this trick, you can choose to display an arbitrary amount of text from the beginning of each post, as a teaser for the whole thing. Then users who want to read the rest of the post can click a link to see the full text. This is handy if you have lots of long articles all on one page. Note that you'll need to have post pages enabled in order to make this feature work.

There are three ingredients that go into this feature: conditional CSS, a "read more" link for each post, and a modification for the posts that use this feature. So let's go through it step by step.

Conditional CSS

We're going to use conditional tags to change how posts display on different pages. Add the following code to your style sheet, depending on what kind of template you have:

(for classic templates)

span.fullpost {display:none;}
< /MainOrArchivePage >

span.fullpost {display:inline;}
< /ItemPage >

(for layouts)

< cond="'data:blog.pageType">
span.fullpost {display:inline;}
span.fullpost {display:none;}
< / b:if >

Your style sheet is usually near the top of your template, between the
tags. If you have your style sheet in a separate file, you'll still need to add these lines in your template, so the conditional tags will work. Just make sure you add in the <> tags around them.
What we did here was to define a class called "fullpost" that will appear only on post pages (permalinks). Part of each post will use this class, as we'll see later.

"Read More" Links

Add the following code to your template, somewhere after the <$BlogItemBody$> or tag:

(for classic templates)

< href="">"Read more!< /a >
< /MainOrArchivePage >

(for layouts)

< cond="'data:blog.pageType"><>
< href="'data:post.url'">Read more!< /a >
< /b:if >

This link will only appear on the main page and archive pages, and it will redirect your reader to the post page containing the full text of your post. You can replace the "Read more!" text with whatever you like, of course.

Post Modifications

The final piece that we need is a little bit of code in your actual post. Each post that you want to use this feature on will need this code:

< class="fullpost">< /span >

This part can actually go in the post template, if you don't want to have to type it for each post. You'll enter the summary text outside the span tags and the remainder inside, like so:

Here is the beginning of my post. < class="fullpost">And here is the rest of it.< /span >

Now, when a reader visits your blog, this post will appear like this:
Here is the beginning of my post.
Read more!

When they click the link, they'll go to the post page where they'll see the whole thing:
Here is the beginning of my post. And here is the rest of it.


As with any template modifications, you should be sure to save a backup copy of your template before you start. Just copy and paste all your code to a text file on your hard drive, so you'll have it there as a replacement in case anything goes wrong.
An alternative to creating post excerpts like this is to use the show/hide method on entire posts. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Advantages to this method: Customizable summaries, rather than titles only. Can be applied to some posts and not others (for instance, you might only want this for your longer posts).


Requires changes to the posts themselves, rather than to the template only. However, the "read more" link is in the template, so it will appear regardless of whether a post has been truncated or not. (Modifying this feature is left as an exercise for the reader.)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Mobile phone companies are insisting that mobile phones only omit low levels of radiation,but tests have shown that even exposure to low levels of radiation can be harmful.Long periods of time exposed to EMR can cause changes to cell structure and could ultimatelylead to brain tumors.Some other interesting facts to come out of tests on this subject were:

EMR(Electro magnetic radiation) can cause problems with the following:

The Reproductive System

Your Eyes

Memory and Reaction Times

Sleeping Patterns

Headaches,Dizziness and Nausea
Now dont panic just yet because there are some ways to reduce your exposure to EMR or whats commonlyknown as "Mobile Phone Radiation"



Try to reduce the amount of calls you make and receive on a mobile phone and where possible use yourhome phone(try to avoid cordless phone because they are not much better)Take a look at the actual LENGTH of your calls because the longer the call the higher the possibility of more exposure to radiation.I`m sure that if you`ve ever had an extremely long call you will recognize the signs like excessiveheat around the ear area.This should be avoided as often as possible. Remember that if you`re using a portable hands-free(with a speaker and cord that runs up intoyour ear)you are NOT necessarily safe.

A controversial test in the UK had shown that radiation can actually travel up the cord andinto your ear which can be even more harmful accelerating the damage being done.
Try to avoid keeping the phone ON or NEAR your body because there have even been links to infertilityin men.
Avoid long calls before going to bed.Tests show that your qualityof sleep suffers greatly as a result.
Ensure you get your point across and get off the phone,in other words,use your mobilephone for what your NEED to say and then end the call as soon as you can.
Dont make SOCIAL CALLS,these are usually quite lenghty in nature,you could be frying your head while you`re gossiping.


BUY yourself a mobile phone with an inbuilt SPEAKERPHONE.so that the mobile phone`s INBUILT HANDS-FREE feature give you ultimate mobilephone radiation protection.In this way you will be able to place the mobile phoneaway from you,WITHOUT having the Mobile Phone near your head or ANY part of your body.


A706 is a very cool mobile from CHINA MOBILE.With 256k color TFT display and 176x220 resolution on a 2.2-inch touchscreenit offers a very crisp and sharp display.1.3 megapixel camera10MB of internal memorymicroSD expansion slotsupport for mp3,mmf,midi,wav,jpg and also GIF






this one is my favourite






Saturday, March 8, 2008


Do you know why is internet explorer unsafe????????

Let me tell you why

The attackers utilizes Internet Explorer`s drag and drop features and the windows shell folders to copy an executable from a malicious website to a user`s startup folder, from which it would execute the next time the user logged on.Hackers will continue to find and exploit security holes in explorer.Hard to get rid of those hackers, thus why not get a higher security web browser.

Rubberized texture USB STORAGE DRIVES

rubberized texture usb

You wouldn`t get any others similar or as exclusive as these .Built with rubberizedtexture and with a hip neck strap, this hot looking USB is not to be missed.Strap it to your pants while gliding down the slopes of Alps or just the mini mountainthis winter.Special Features includes Graphics with Rubberized texture and Neck strapattachment.

rubberized texture usb

  • Host Interface: USB 2.0
  • Reading/Writing Speed: 23MB/sec,20MB/sec
  • Storage Temperature: -20 to +80c
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to +70c
  • Dimensions: 24mm (W) x 95mm (L)
  • LED: LED in flashing mode while in use
  • Sizes: 512MB,1GB,2GB
  • Storage Media:NAND or AG-AND type flash memory
  • Integrated USB Transceiver:Dynamic feedback control,stable slew rate,independent external loading

Thursday, March 6, 2008


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Wednesday, March 5, 2008


YOU Should have heard about "voip technology",if not too many times,than atleast once or more.

Nowadays "voip" is considered to be the best solution for international calls.
It provides very cheap callrates all over the world.
Call rates may vary depending on the region you are calling,but one thing is for sure it is much much cheaper than other telephony services.
Even though some voipproviders offer almost free international calls to specific regions of the world.
you will find plenty of websites providing free trial calls and voip solutions on the web and you will also find their services and call rates review,
so i will not discuss or review about any of them.If you want u can google them for information,there is plenty plenty plenty of them.

What i am writing for

is a simple tip or you can say it a trick you can perform to have as many calls as you can on websites that offer free trial call.

1. open one of free voip trial call website,search with google if you don`t know.

2. Follow the procedure for making free call,given on that website.

3. REMEMBER they are tracking you in real time,so you have to be quick for this trick to work.

4. While your call is going on be ready to click on back button of your browsor as soon as your callfinishes.

5. you should go back from your browser as soon as call ends while not allowing them to show you the call ended message on your browser.

6. if you are quick enough, you will see that you will be able to call for second time and so on.

7. if your connection speed is too fast,and this trick doesn`t work, simply remove your cookies.

8. Otherwise the only way is to reconnect.i.e, disconnect and connect again to try.

9. hopefully it works for you.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


If you have locked your keys in the car and spare keys are at home then don`t get worried.FEEL comfortable.
Pick up ur cellphone and make a call to the cellphone at home.Make sure you are calling to the cellphone at ur home as this tricks doesn`t works without it.Now ask the person at your home cellphone to press the unlock button holding it near to the cell phone, while you should keep ur cellphone close to your car at that time so that the max distance between your cellphone and the car should be 1 foot, the car will be unlocked, if this trick is performed properly.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


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Doteasy provides solutions for individuals and small businesses who needa web presence too. The offer:

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Mobilink`s EZETOP

Now you can share yours mobilink balance with anyother mobilink
user in UK and US.Jazz users in UK and US can send balance to their loved ones in pakistan, to stay in touch.They can also recharge their jazz connections while roaming internationally.

To use this ezetop service, sender needs to go to a shop and ask
for jazz recharge.Once you pay the cashier, you will receive a printed receipt with instructions and the HRN number.
You then send the HRN / PIN home to be used as normal (SMS, email etc.)

For further details
UK users https://www.ezetop.com/uk/en/how-it-works-retail.aspx
US users https://www.ezetop.com/us/en/how-it-works-retail.aspx

PTCL Friday launched Broadband Entertainment Portal and new packages for its DSL subscribers.

PTCL Friday launched Broadband Entertainment Portal and new packages for its DSL subscribers. The access to portal will be absolutely free-of-cost exclusively for PTCL Broadband Pakistan customers. “It is first Broadband Portal offering subscribers variety of professional media content including but not limited to mainstream music (Urdu & English), movies, religious naats, sports,” Dr Sadiq Al Jadir, SEVP Commercial PTCL told news conference here.
PTCL initiative would make the country embrace broadband economies of the world. It invested $50m to improve its services. “We are competing in market and expanding our capacity.”
He said upgradation of PTCL helpline service was serious challenge to repute of institution. He assured number of faulty lines is being minimised and every steptaken to make it quality service provider. “As customers need high speed, large download capacity to fully experience Broadband Portal, we upgraded packages to benefit existing and new subscribers. We are offering cost effective, constantly available internet access as internet access speed to existing subscribers was doubled.
New subscribers will pay new tariff. Modem, DSL installation is completely free,” he said. Under new Pakistan Package, customers will pay Rs 1,199 per month for 512 Kbps unlimited service as against previous cost of Rs 1,999.
They would have to pay Rs 1,999 for 1024 Kbps unlimited service as agains previous Rs 4,999 per month. Cost of 2048 Kbps unlimited will be Rs 4,999 per month.
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