Wednesday, March 5, 2008


YOU Should have heard about "voip technology",if not too many times,than atleast once or more.

Nowadays "voip" is considered to be the best solution for international calls.
It provides very cheap callrates all over the world.
Call rates may vary depending on the region you are calling,but one thing is for sure it is much much cheaper than other telephony services.
Even though some voipproviders offer almost free international calls to specific regions of the world.
you will find plenty of websites providing free trial calls and voip solutions on the web and you will also find their services and call rates review,
so i will not discuss or review about any of them.If you want u can google them for information,there is plenty plenty plenty of them.

What i am writing for

is a simple tip or you can say it a trick you can perform to have as many calls as you can on websites that offer free trial call.

1. open one of free voip trial call website,search with google if you don`t know.

2. Follow the procedure for making free call,given on that website.

3. REMEMBER they are tracking you in real time,so you have to be quick for this trick to work.

4. While your call is going on be ready to click on back button of your browsor as soon as your callfinishes.

5. you should go back from your browser as soon as call ends while not allowing them to show you the call ended message on your browser.

6. if you are quick enough, you will see that you will be able to call for second time and so on.

7. if your connection speed is too fast,and this trick doesn`t work, simply remove your cookies.

8. Otherwise the only way is to reconnect.i.e, disconnect and connect again to try.

9. hopefully it works for you.

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