Saturday, July 9, 2011


Samsung themes are nowhere on the internet,simply u can say they are impossible to find for download to your mobile except the original preinstalled themes in your samsung mobile.

So there is a way u can modify the original to theme to make ur own new theme.
the only easiest method is to edit the xml document of the original theme for new one.

1. Transfer the theme file (*.thm file) from ur mobile to computer through cable or bluetooth.

2. change its extension from .thm to .zip

3. extract the files inside this zip and save in a different folder.

4. also make a backup folder and put a copy there too.
5. now open the xml document.
6. i would recommend to change nothing in this xml coding except to look for the names of images used for background wallpaper and icons,close it without changing.

7. now replace ur files i.e wallpaper and icons if u wish to change, with the original ones u have just extracted. DONT REPLACE THIS XML DOCUMENT,LEAVE IT AS IT IS.

8. note that ur file names and their length and width should be same as that were going to be replaced. Also their format should also match whether it is jpg or bitmap, otherwise your theme will not work.

9. now select all files alongwith xml document and put them in archive with winrar.

10. type archive name, select zip format option and then write .thm with ur theme name
i.e newtheme.thm as shown below

11. now press ok to zip,it will appear as a .thm file
12. Upload to ur mobile and simply install

13. go to the themes section in ur phone and apply it,and enjoy.

Link for samsung themes:


  1. where can i find the (.thm)theme file in my mobile????

  2. .thm file is present in your mobile phone.
    when u connect ur mobile to computer through blutooth(bluesoleil, i have used) u can go to the gallery and themes section of your mobile through bluetooth file transfer window.then simply copy .thm files from there and paste them on your computer desktop. for further query plz don`t hesitate to ask.

  3. does it work on Samsung SGH-E250? It is not working on my phone. i got the part till creating archive and copying it to my phone. how do i install it?

  4. definately it will work, gaurav.
    if ur phone themes are in .thm format only then.

    u don`t need to install it simply send it to your phone, and goto gallery then themes section, u will find it there and simply apply it.

  5. there's no such option like gallery in e250..

  6. I did all the steps but when i went to themes section i didn't see it. im using a samsung SGH-G600, plz help.

  7. my dear, have u sent that .thm file to your mobile, and if ur phone supports .thm file format for themes?

    if yes, then send one of the default .thm file from ur phone to my mail address and i will modify it for you.

  8. does it work with samsung z400 and how can I change the extension of the fila from .thm to .zip?email me please

  9. Good day,

    i think one should consider first or ask yourself about the nature of the theme, like does the theme im going to use has the same design on my phone(ie the size of the images/ design/arrangement of the icons), will it be compatible with how the flow of the menu goes, and many more...

    i have a samsung u700, basically when you view/explore the menu options you can not see any gallery specified for themes but you can see the "Themes folder" only when your using some kind of software like BitPim in order to view some hidden files in your mobile phone, even this has some limitation, in my case i see the themes folder alright but i cant see whats inside it...

  10. it works with usb transfering???

  11. does it work with a samsung U600?

  12. it works with usb and bluetooth transferring

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  15. The method is so easy and good for us, I will really try the method for choosing the new theme.

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