Saturday, July 9, 2011

Nokia 5130 Phone Memory problem (Solution)

I have resolved the memory problem for nokia5130, the main thing snatching the memory is the themes, u will notice that as much themes u change that much memory fades up


  • i just recently raised my phone memory from 3 mb to 25 mb by using OXYCUBE (its a phone files browser.. which u cant browse n access from any software)
  • install it
  • attach the phone via cable using pc suite option in the phone... with the PC
  • connect phone with OXYCUBE
  • then browse the phone
  • go to Hidden folders
  • go to Themesactive
  • here u can see all the themes u hav applied since u bought
  • eventhough u formatted it but the themes neva go away from the cache
  • e-g i had almost 30 40 themes in that cache with were of almost 22 mb space
  • so delete all those themes
  • then see the difference
  • after that u can apply the themes on ur phone as before
  • regularly clean it using OXY CUBE
  • I bet this will solve 99% of the memory problems for nokia 5130
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  1. Finally i got the solution from your site, after searching tons of hours on the internet.
    thnx alot


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